About Us

Our Team

At Lodestone Industries we are proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Our management team have been selected for their broad range of business skills and extensive industry knowledge. As winners of prestigious Regional, State and National Business Awards and with over thirty years industry experience supplying magnets and magnetic materials within the Australian market place and throughout the world, we are well placed to not only meet, but to exceed our clients expectations and magnetic requirements.

Lodestone Industries have extensive in-house expertise and technical backup to provide solutions to almost every magnetic challenge. When this is combined with the knowledge, resources, skills and facilities of our international network of industry associates, our ability to achieve outstanding results is unchallenged.

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Our Commitment

Lodestone Industries have a strong commitment to the magnetics industry and we demonstrate this commitment every day in the following ways.

1. By our huge stock holding.

At Lodestone Industries we hold over one million magnets in stock at any given time. This enables us to fill most orders without delay, creating savings and minimizing problems for our customers.

2. By treating all customers with respect.

Our minimum order is one magnet. At the other end of the scale we regularly supply orders of tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of magnets. It is our company policy to provide the same great service to all customers whether they be huge multi-national companies, sole traders or a student in need of a magnet for a school project.

3. By our research and development.

At Lodestone Industries we offer a research, design, prototype and production service, to determine the correct choice of magnet and the best type of housing or bracket to suit your requirements. Characteristics such as temperature sensitivity, corrosion resistance, the ability to absorb shock, or the size and shape of the magnetic flux are but some of the factors that influence the selection of a particular magnets suitability for a specific purpose. We can even arrange for the manufacture of test samples of a specific size, shape or grade of magnet if required.

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Our Magnets

Lodestone Industries stock only the very best quality precision engineered magnets and magnetic products. Our reputation is dependant on our ability to consistently supply magnets of the highest quality and reliability.

We have an extensive range of magnets available in almost endless combinations of sizes, shapes, materials, grades, magnetic capabilities and surface finishes. These include but are not limited to the following:

Magnet Types

  • Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets (Rare Earth)
  • Ferrite Magnets
  • Samarium Cobalt Magnets
  • Alnico Magnets
  • Flexible Extruded Magnetic Strip
  • Strontium Magnets
  • Barium Magnets
  • Isotropic Magnets
  • Anisotropic Magnets
  • Bonded Magnets
  • Sintered Magnets

Plating and Surface Finishes

  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Epoxy
  • Parylene
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Our Products

  Magnetic Pick Ups   - Telescopic Pocket Pick Up
      - Magnetic Extraction Wand
      - Pick up Pole
      - Magnetic lifters
  Educational Products   - Colour Coded Magnetic Blocks
   (Plastic coated)
      - Colour coded bar magnets (Poles marked
  with “N” & “S”)
      - Super Strong Whiteboard Magnets
      - Super Strong Rare Earth Magnets
      - Ferrite Magnets
      - High Temperature Samarium Cobalt
      - Horseshoe Magnets (28mm, 30mm, 38mm,
  56mm,  62mm or 86mm)
      - Extruded Flexible Strips (In many sizes)
  Magnetic Floor Sweeper   - 650mm footprint (Standard)
      - Other sizes made to order
  Magnetic Cutlery Catcher   - For Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes & Clubs
  Magnetic Video & Audio Tape Eraser   - For totally erasing video and audio tapes
  Magnetic Bump Gate Latch   - For Mining & Pastoral Companies

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Our Location

Lodestone Industries are ideally situated to supply magnets to the entire nation. With outlets in Newcastle on the Central Coast of New South Wales (servicing Sydney, Brisbane and the A.C.T.), in Melbourne (servicing Victoria and Tasmania), in Adelaide (servicing South Australia and the Northern Territory) and with our head office located in Perth (covering the entire West Coast), we have distribution facilities throughout Australia.

Our ability to meet our customers expectations is enhanced with excellent access to both national and international freight providers. As such we are well placed to rapidly dispatch shipments, large or small, around the nation or around the world.

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Our Goal

To build upon the strong ethical business foundations that we have already set in place, ensuring our continued growth and development, to the point where Lodestone Industries are always seen as the first and only logical choice for the reliable supply of quality magnetic products or solutions.

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Lodestone Industries are a reliable Australian owned supplier of quality magnets and magnetic products. We have a courteous and technically proficient team, with many years of experience in the magnetics industry and an international network of industry associates with unsurpassed product knowledge. We have an extremely large and diverse stock holding enabling the processing of most orders (small or large) without delay. We offer an in-house design, prototype and production facility to manage every aspect of your project from concept through to production.

The simple truth is, if you need quality magnets of any description, Lodestone Industries are ready, willing and able to supply them, to specification, on time and on budget.

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Privacy Policy

As a company who prides itself on being a market leader in our field, LODESTONE INDUSTRIES have earned a reputation not only as a provider of the highest quality products and services to our customers, but also as a reputable company who consistently practice the principles of honesty and integrity. To this end we have chosen to comply with the National Privacy Principles, to ensure that your privacy and the information you provide to us is safeguarded at all times. In accordance with the National Privacy Principles, LODESTONE INDUSTRIES is committed to the following :

  • Only collecting the information which is necessary for our business to adequately service our customers.
  • Except where the law says otherwise, the only external organizations that LODESTONE INDUSTRIES will grant access to this information are, credit reference organizations or other referees nominated by you, to enable us to gain sufficient information to determine your eligibility for a credit facility with our company.
  • We do not use personal information we have collected for any other purpose without first seeking the customers consent.
  • We take reasonable steps to ensure personal information is accurate and complete, by contacting our customers and updating our data base from time to time.
  • When entering into a transaction, individuals are able to remain anonymous (where the law permits). By paying cash, they do not have to disclose personal information. This can be achieved by completing the transaction in person.
  • All private information is held securely by the company to prevent tampering, interference or unauthorised use by outside sources, or by employees or agents of the company.
  • Individuals can access the information relating to them that is held by our company, in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.
  • If an individual believes that their information is not accurate, then they have the right to apply to the company in writing to have that information corrected.

A Privacy Officer has been appointed to assist all individuals with requests for access to information, or concerns about our handling of their information. That person may be contacted by emailing “The Privacy Officer” at sales@lodestoneindustries.com.au

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